Exquisiteness, relax, nature and a lot of fun: El Garraf has it all!

Where is this treasure located?


The area of El Garraf, made up by the towns of Sitges, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Sant Pere de Ribes, Cubelles, Olivella and Canyelles, is strategically located 40 km to the south of Barcelona and 45 km to the north of Tarragona. With its modern road network, major tourism infrastructure and privileged climate throughout the year, it is today an attractive quality tourism destination.
Located in the coastal area, between the Mediterranean, the plain of Penedès and the massif of El Garraf, which gives it its own identity and provides its name, it is a territory with an extraordinary diversity of landscapes. The excellent beaches of its coast have a major tourism infrastructure while the Nautical Station and the yacht harbours have magnificent facilities for practising nautical activities.


Much more than beautiful beaches and landscapes


The nature reserves of El Garraf, Olèrdola and El Foix are authentic treasures waiting to be discovered. This is why it is worth enjoying the activities for tourists available in these protected places.
Between the sea and the mountain, in the centre of the area, we find one of the most important landscape values, the agricultural plain, with vine as the main crop and the rich and abundant architectural heritage of farmhouses, houses of indianos and small palaces, many of which are being transformed into charming accommodation, restaurants and cellars that offer tours and activities to bring us closer to the culture of wine. Just as in its landscape, the area is rich in history with archaeological sites that have witnessed numerous historical periods, medieval castles and defence towers, as well as Renaissance and baroque churches, altarpieces and paintings. There is also the artistic legacy of the 19th century which has turned the towns of El Garraf into open air museums of Romanticism and Catalan Art Nouveau.


Nature and active tourism 


The area between the sea and the mountain is an undulating serene plain with the most populated towns of El Garraf. An area in constant change because of man´s activity, where agricultural work can still be seen in a mosaic of vineyards and carob and olive trees, among thickets and some sparsely scattered white pine groves.

The natural landscape of this place can be discovered by using one of the many companies that organize guided routes on foot, horse or bicycle. The routes combine the observation of the landscape with interpretation of the nature and history. The more daring also have the opportunity of getting to know the depths of the massif of El Garraf practising caving in some of the chasm-schools prepared for this activity. An activity also guided and controlled by the organizing groups.


 El Foix Park


El Foix Park is the most outstanding wetland area of L´Alt Penedès and El Garraf thanks to the river Foix, which starts inside L´Alt Penedès and after running through the area from north to south flows into Cubelles. The central element of the park is the swamp, inaugurated in 1928, at the foot of the town of Castellet, located on a hill crowned by a photogenic castle. In this protected area it is interesting to observe the white pine groves, the bank forest, with ash trees, poplars and alders, and the holm oak wood like that which protects the fountain of Horta. El Foix Park is a meeting point for many birds: more than 143 species have been catalogued.


Soul and flavours from Catalonia to the world

The gastronomy also responds to this diversity and mix, always based on local products, the Vilanova i la Geltrú fish market and the vegetable garden products.
Moreover, a variety of traditional or modern, religious and profane celebrations are held throughout the year, thus also offering visitors the possibility of enjoying popular and traditional Catalan culture during their stay in the area.
Discover the possibilities offered to you to spend your free time in El Garraf and you will see how this area still conserves many unknown places and a rich natural and cultural heritage that well deserves a visit.


Source: El Garraf tourism consortium






Residence for sale in Cubelles (El Garraf)


Residencia en Cubelles


Location and communication


The residence is located in Cubelles, Garraf region, in the province of Barcelona. Just 50 km from Barcelona and the same distance from Tarragona.

One of the great advantages of the residence is the perfect communication, as it is located 300 meters off the C32 motorway Pau Casals. So, any move to Barcelona or Tarragona is no more than 30 minutes.

Besides the excellent communication by road, there are public services like train and buses that have their stop just right in front of the residence. This bus line makes the journey from Barcelona to Tarragona, stopping at all locations of the route.


Features of the property


The building is an isolated farm, situated on a plot of 9136.77 m2, built m2 4367.95 , 2027.79 m2 It is possible to build more .


Description of modules


The building consists of two modules interconnected by the ground floor and basement , surrounded by a large garden . It also has private parking for guests and family.

The first module consists of semi-basement , ground floor and three floors with rooms and services for their activities . The ground floor and basement have at both ends adapted direct access from the outside. The ground, first , second and third floors have two general steps one at each end of the floor and two elevators, one of them orderly.

The second module consists of basement and ground floor, interconnected with the first module, the garden and parking . The ground floor is intended primarily for dining, lounge , bar, kitchen or office . The basement floor is used to store equipment and warehouses.


Medical Areas



Reception is located in the first module linking this with the second module. The reception will be equipped with the following equipment:

• Switchboard

• Computers

• Peripherals

• Central alarm


• Office furniture


The first module is equipped with 72 double rooms, 4 box nursing and 3 living rooms . All rooms are equipped with shower room adapted . The first, second and third floors have an adapted bathroom per floor .


All rooms are properly equipped in accordance with current regulations.

36 of the 72 rooms are equipped with terrace.

The allocation of rooms is as follows:

• hospital bed

• Bedside

• Closet

• Air conditioning

• Phone

• Television

• Chime call center connected to nursing

• Take vacuum and oxygen

• Armchair companion and / or accompanying bed


Medical Office  

All offices are arranged in the first module in the basement floor. Three medical offices are planned which will be equipped with everything necessary for the activity.


Infirmary, first-aid kit and pharmacy    

All plants have nurses. On the lower ground floor there are nursing service and first-aid kit which are next to the medical offices

All dispatches both medical as nursing and pharmacy, will be equipped with computer network and interconnected with residential management software .

Dining and living rooms

The center is equipped with a large dining room adjacent to the bar and lounge . In total there is an area of 327.74 m2, intended for this use. Next to the bar there is a small room with direct ventilation, fully insulated, which will go to smoking area.

It will provide cafeteria and restaurant (menus ) . Both patients, as families and workers .

The living room will be equipped with television to the expectations of the family.


Other Units

In addition to the services described above , the following services are provided in the main module , in the basement floor

• Morgue

• equipped Internet room Library

• physiotherapist Offices

• Fitness

• Water Area

• Warehouses

• Rays. (Concerted Service)

• Clinical Analysis (concerted Service)

• Laundry (In the secondary module)

Clinical Services

Medical services



The center will perform the following services, which can be extended depending on the type of clients that we are assigned.

• Internal Medicine

• General Medicine

• Physiotherapy

• Rays (Service concluded at first)

• clinical testing (Service concluded at first)

Due to the good location to the center, to its proximity to the sea and the large number of spaces available downtown, we emphasise this speciality, providing the maximum space center and most modern equipment and pointers .

A major gym 72.47 m2 plus another adaptation of 120.88 m2 warehouse currently listed as on the plans is expected. It has two offices for physiology of 35.90 m2 , where you can make more personalized treatment .


Nursing Services:

It is available nursing service 24 hours a day, ensuring a personal and a perfect customer tracking .

All services will be centralized and any alert client will communicate immediately to the nurse assigned by writing to your computer looking and nursing message to message. All alert is recorded in the software management, including response times.


Residential Services

Reception – Admition:

The admissions service will operate 24 hours a day Monday to Sunday ita. Hospital discharges will be made from 10:00 to 12:00 hours. The admissions will be located at the reception. Next to the office address .

The computer system of residential management will be centralized at the reception as well as the system of video surveillance of public areas.

To deal with residential issues – health care, as well as those related to hospitality and administration, shall send to the reception. Nerve center of the establishment.


Restoration – Bar:

The catering service will be from 13:00 to 16:00 and 19:00 to 21:00 hours.

Bar service will be 8:00 to 21:00 without interruption.

Companions must use the Service Bar or restoration, not serving in the rooms. Room service is unique to the patient.

The patient’s meal schedule is:

Lunch from 8:00 to 9:00

Lunch 13:00 to 14:00

Snack from 16:00 to 17:00

Dinner 19:00 to 20:00


Living Room

The living room is open from 8:00 to 21:00 hours. This room has daily newspapers and television available to relatives and companions of patients.

In this room public telephone booths will be located.


Library- Computer Room

The center will have several computers with internet access free to use for patients.

The library will be used exclusively for patients. The hours will be from 10:00 to 13:00 and

17:00 to 19:00.

Contact person:

Laura Palmira Gutierrez Carrasco